Farouqhi Hassan


Consultant, embarked his career with DWA Advisory after 4 years of study in the field of Shariah at Islamic University of Madinah. Prior to joining DWA, Mr Farouqhi also prepared himself for a career in the banking and finance industry by enrolling as a Trainee under the Islamic Capital Market Graduate Training Scheme organised by the SC. His strong belief in Islamic Finance and great enthusiasm in Corporate Finance has made him an excellent addition to the DWA team.
The key responsibilities of Mr Farouqhi are to undertake analysis works for corporate transactions, leveraging on his strong belief in Islamic Finance and enthusiasm in Corporate Finance. Mr Farouqhi holds a bachelor degree in Shariah from Islamic University of Madinah, KSA and a Masters in Islamic Finance Practice from INCEIF. Mr Farouqhi is a holder of CMSRL issued by Securities Commission Malaysia.