Corporate / Debt Restructuring and Feasibility Studies

  • We work as an independent party where we evaluate and advise on the corporate and financial structure of companies. We would review the corporate objectives and re-assess the shareholders value as against the underlying business issues from structural and financial perspectives. We take a holistic review as corporate and financial strategies are to be inherently interrelated and critical in maximizing shareholder returns.
  • In the areas of Corporate and Debt Restructuring, our expertise include capital structure optimization; corporate rationalization; capital allocation; debts restructuring, refinancing, equity and quasi-equity raising; negotiations with lenders; share repurchases/buy-back/privatization; and investors communications strategies.
  • We undertake financial feasibility studies in respect of infrastructure projects, consolidation of businesses, demerger of activities, etc by coming up with the relevant financial modelling after engaging with the shareholders, senior management and industry experts and therefrom make the necessary recommendations.